Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I've not only been busy restoring antique furniture. Am also stitching, quilting, crocheting and knitting as time allows. My Sarah Sporrar quilt  - "By Wisdom a House is Built" is almost complete and I can't wait to show it! (for more info on patterns, visit )

Thanks again Tiki Brophy for the inspiration and assistance. Please visit her beautiful blog on

My Sarah Sporrar quilt finally in its well-deserved resting place.....

Sometime ago Charles bought Cheney a beautiful French Louis dressing table. I couldn't wait to start restoring it and bring it back to its former beauty. Dearest daughter was not too sure about having it when she initially saw it and said " I'll see mom....." Anyway it took me two weeks to fix up as I took it apart completely, sanded and repainted it again. I must say I am very proud of all the attention to detail and my darling daughter couldn't wait to put it into her bedroom!! She loves it!! Yayyyy!! Yayyy!! I'm so happy! Want to share some 'before and after' photos with you.

The dressing table before I got stuck into it! Take note of the dark, grubby and stained handles!

Cheney opted to sanding the stool....

During restoration

Completed and enjoying pride of place in Cheney's bedroom. The hardware is shining new again.
 Don't you just love the detailed covers on the feet?

The handles are so pretty, don't you think?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The knitting workshop lasted two days - Thursday and Friday - and the crocheted tea cosy - today. Such creative fun and making some new friends was worth all the time spent.

 I also collect teapots which are displayed in special corners of my house.

An antique sideboard or "koskas"as it is fondly known in South Africa with some of my treasures inside - a Royal Albert tea set.
At last I can blog again!!
Hope you are all doing well? Being a stay at home mom has kept me so very busy and not having any help at home (as Maria is desperately ill with a bad case of shingles!), I just don't get to my blog. Anyway, I had some "me time" this week and treated myself to a knitting class  and crochet class. The knitting was all about 'free-style' knitting which made a huge difference to my confidence and knitting skills! Dana Biddell gave the class and it was awesome. My shawl is now complete and i had my hand at Tunisian Crochet as well. Upon completion of my shawl, I attempted a beautiful jacket. One that Dana was wearing herself. My biggest concern is the decreasing and increasing of the neckline!! The rest is quite easy...... A rectangle that slips over the head and ties loosely down the sides. Yaaayyyy!! I cant wait to complete it and have already purchased wool for the next project
                                                                                                                                                                                The very talented and creative Dana and I.                                  


Tiki and Dana winding the yarn into manageable balls

 A selection of some of Dana's yarns!
Some of Dana's beautiful creations


The start of my creation.... a shawl!



Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hello everybody! Yes, its been a while since I last blogged, but with hubby coming home and ending up in hospital, I've had more than my fair share of shock and worry! Then going down to our other home in the Karoo - Esatern Cape - to check renovations and visit dad who's a HUGE help supervising all the work being done there. Nevertheless, we are back home and preparing for Charles' return to work. It seems as if time has left us behind and we haven't completed all the things we wanted to do.  I had no intention of blogging about our house down there  right now, but now is better than later.

Going to give you an aerial view of the town Aberdeen :

Meet dad Helberg


We accidentally came upon this gorgeous typically Karoo house in Sept 2007, when we were passing through the Karoo after 'whale watching' in Mossel Bay. We stayed over night at a B+B - The Homestead -in a quaint little town called Aberdeen, loved the atmosphere and people and decided to look around at available properties, made an offer and a few weeks later the property was ours! Both of our dreams come true. Then in  Feb 2012 we purchased a second, much larger property, which we call a "plot" here in South Africa. It's about 5100 sq m with a big old farmhouse. As with all old homes, which require maintenance and TLC these homes also need the same. This takes time, money and thought, but we have made a start and love every step of our renovating. Dad now lives in the small cottage and oversees all the work being done to both houses. He has named the cottage "Lavender Blue", after a famous racehorse. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to Lavender Blue. We have replastered the outside walls and repaired and repainted the roof a silver colour which used to be black.  Soon to start with the interior, but then dad will move over to the plot whilst they are busy with that. We have also started work on the plot but those photos i will post at a later stage. I am still looking for a name for the plot. Any suggestions will be much appreciated and considered and will be posted for all to see and possibly help decide.

See the old black roof and newly plastered walls.

The cottage with its spiffy silver roof and replastered and painted walls. Still deciding on a colour for the trimmings. Need to add storm shutters to the windows.