Sunday, 28 July 2013

Good morning all!! The weekend is behind us and I wonder what this week has in store for us all?
I hope and pray that it is a happy and blessed week for you. What plans do you have for the week? Mine are - quilting - hand stitching 4x quilts that need to be completed! There are 2x crocheted blankets that I have to finish as well AND Cheney and I are going scrapbooking on Wednesday. Yes, scrapbooking!! Can you believe it? I haven't scrapped for ages and am starting to stress because my daughter turns 21 next year and I have an Album that I need to complete, so I can present it to her for her birthday! I gave my son one for his 21st, so need to carry on with the tradition. Will post some pics of that as well.

BUT first....... I want to whet your appetite a bit with a taste of what's still to come .....

I mentioned last week that I visited a foundry in Parys to have a foot cast for an old enamel bath that we purchased some time ago for our house in Aberdeen, E.Cape. So I desperately need to post those magnificent pics, but need the explanations that match the photos. I cannot remember everything that Pieter told me, so when I fetch the foot, I will get all the details and post them. What a fascinating experience it was. There are so many things that we take for granted and this is one that I have taken for granted. We look at an object in our home but don't think any further about the manufacture thereof! So, perhaps I may just enlighten you a little more?

 My bath's foot will be cast from one of these. I believe they will be starting this week. You can see by the rust on the feet, that it's an old bath. We will have them painted a nice silver colour, I think.

A selection of beautiful feet that they have at the foundry. I just love the white one in the foreground.

One of my favourite shots I took  whilst I was there!

 Have a lovely day! I have to tackle washing, cleaning the car, quilting and some crocheting, for the rest of the day, inbetween fetching and carrying kids around.

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